This week, on Redemption

Trailer for Interlude: Stop-Over

(Black screen.)

Out in the Black…

(A space station slides onscreen from the left, and the camera pulls back to show the vantage point is Redemption’s bridge. Ty is sitting in the pilot seat. He flicks a switch.)

Ty: Bekkah! BEKKAH!

When your ship is falling apart…

Cut: (Redemption’s soot-covered, part strewn engine room. Judah is on the floor in a mess of wires, stripping ends and twisting them together. Off on the side, Bekkah is asleep on a cot. Judah rises to his feet and hits the comm.)

Judah: She’s asleep Ty. What’s goin’ on?

Anything is better than nothing…

Cut to: (an airlock, the door scrawled with, “Welcome aboard. Please don’t put no holes in my station. We reserve the right to detach your vessel or space you if you get rowdy.”)

Except when all you can find…

Cut to: (Ashulani, Callum, and Judah looking at fine clothes displayed in a window. Ty stares up the corridor, people are jostling by. Ty scratches his head, then turns, eyes sweeping past Judah, Callum, and Ashulani.)

Ty: Where’s that girl gotten off to?

... is trouble.

Quick cuts: (A man behind a bar, hands in the air)

(A close-up of a fish’s eye. Then the head flicks to stare straight-on at the camera.)

(Ashulani smiling demurely)

Ashulani: There are other ways to deal handle this.

(A burly, hair-covered man)

Man: Lucky you got a docking. We got all manner of people on-station these days.

(An upscale-looking establishment, four pretty women, scantily clad, dancing in cages. A fifth cage is empty.)

(A close-up of small, green leaves)

(A harried-looking man with a gun leveled.)

Man: Ain’t no one movin’ tils I have all yer carryin’.

(A ship pulling away from the station)

(Black screen)

Woman’s voice-over: My baby! They’ve taken my baby!



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